SIPStore: SiP Omnibus Box Set: Softcover Edition with Slipcase

SIP Omnibus

Two books totaling 2400 pages of every page, every scene, every story ever printed!

Every pre-ordered Omnibus comes with an exclusive new, black and white, 6.5" x 10" SiP print!
This beautiful collection is only $100.

Shipping is via US Postal Service Priority Mail (Arrives in 2-3 business days for US orders; 6-12 business days for international orders).

$100 plus shipping costs
All sales are final. No returns.

Shipping Cost per Omnibus:

$16.50 Continental US (USPS Priority)
$40.95 Canada (USPS Priority)
$59.95 Brazil (USPS Priority)
$68.00 Europe (USPS Priority)
$68.00 South America (USPS Priority)
$76.00 Australia (USPS Priority)