Volume 3, Issue 22: Years To Go

Volume 3, Issue 22 Cover

As every regular reader of SIP knows, my advance solicitation information in the Diamond Previews catalog isn't always the most accurate. This is because, although I have an overall storyline for the coming year, I continue to write and think and write, changing anything and everything until the page is ripped from my hands and printed. So, anything I say about an upcoming issue of SIP is to be taken with a grain of suspicion.

BUT, I do believe with all my heart, and have believed all morning long, that the next issue of SIP will see Casey trying herself out on David once more; Katchoo pondering the course of her life without Francine, finding the road to art-world fame and fortune suddenly open up before her like a ten-lane highway; while Francine meets Brad #2 (heh! You thought I'd make it easy for you?!) and finds the peace and quiet of her mother's country home a wonderful place to regain her perspective. Then the issue concludes with an absolutely heart-stopping moment that sends chills up my spine every time I think about it. So I think the big question of #22 will be what happens in 23!

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